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Hello, buddy I'm Kavya Patel, your beloved buddy, and Komal is my best friend. I manage Komal's Kankaria Escorts Agency, and I'm a very attractive and gorgeous woman. I have divorced my husband, and I've come here to make friends with you since, according to what they say, friendship shouldn't come before anything else. Discover Chahye's surroundings so that you can travel through time with me. I grew up in the same household and have lived in ahmedabad all my life. Everyone in my family goes about their daily lives. They usually live outside the city, and I live alone at home. After finishing my studies, the housemates got married to me, and after some time the uncle who lives there asked whether any of our rooms were available. He also lives in ahmedabad and owns a business. He has travelled to ahmedabad to study.

He'll remain here for a while. Give him a rent. When I explained that my husband was away and that I couldn't tell him anything, he answered, "Okay, we'll do it after he gets home at night." I informed my spouse during our conversation that a potential room renter had arrived. I was initially thrilled when my husband announced that he would be returning in two days and then began conversing; however, I quickly lost that happiness when I realised that he was working from home and had little time for me. They were not interested in romance, which is why they had been married for three years but still were unable to give birth to me. Even while we were in the same room, we were strangers to one another. Additionally, our natures did not coincide. As the three years went by, these two days passed, and my spouse eventually returned home with me. I was daring, seductive, trendy, and had no other ideas but business. When the doorbell rang and Uncle answered after a 10-minute call, I opened the door. And a really attractive boy followed them. I kept staring at the boy, and I don't know when I started to daydream. When the broken husband told me to move out of the way so that Uncle could enter or else, I did so. When he started talking about brewing tea inside, I felt a great sense of panic and was unable to comprehend what was happening to me. When I finally emerged with tea, my hands were quivering, and I delivered tea to everyone. I nodded affirmatively when my husband inquired about renting the place.

After everything was confirmed, he left, and he now had to perform spritz after two days. I had dinner with my husband that evening and returned to my room, but now I was not sleeping. I kept thinking about what had happened today. I do not remember when I went to sleep with this same thought in my head, but I did not mind doing any job. The following day, she began getting ready to depart after receiving a call from my husband; this was the first time he had travelled. And I wasn't depressed at all.Even if I don't want to, I was just wondering why the same boy was thinking about that the moment that day arrived and then the doorbell rang. He was the sole lad to open the door, bring his luggage, ask for the room key, which I gave him with shaking hands. He entered the room carrying the key and grinning, and I also closed my room from inside. I used to greet him and occasionally he would speak briefly, but it was all quite normal. I have been doing it for a few days now. After some time, I received a friend request on social media, which I quickly accepted. Our conversation has since moved online. He claimed that during one of our conversations, I requested a cup of coffee in your hand and replied, "Come home and drink," to which he promptly made his way to my room. We both made coffee, which I as well drank. I was a little uneasy when my hand unexpectedly brushed mine.

I satisfied my body's yearning for the first time, which was really enjoyable for me.

I had changed before she arrived and was now wearing a pink suit. She gave me a really passionate kiss, and because it hurt so much, she also removed my suit, so she could see my panty bra in front of her. After that day, we got even closer and oftentimes we're even bedridden. He kept massaging my bobs and didn't realise when we were lost in each other. But that did not last long, and one day we were in our room without any clothing on since we had forgotten to give you my love's name. Kapil is the name of my sweetheart, with whom I was engaged. We pledged to live together until the end. We had made a promise to spend the rest of our lives together, and I wanted to divorce her husband and marry Kapil. Kapil was also prepared for this, but our luck turned out to be a little different. One day, my spouse returned home silently, and we both entered the room after being discovered. Hands up: There was a lot of fighting going on at home, and Kapil was evicted at the same time. After that, he continued to fight, and I decided to leave the house as well because I had no love for your husband or his home. One night when my husband was sleeping, I left the house with my clothes and jewels. After some time, my rupees started to run low, so I thought of working, but it was hard to find job so quickly.

I was obliged to work in the escorts service because to my need for sex and my hunt for a decent buddy.

I received Kavya's number and called her when I suddenly realised she was one of my college buddies. Kavya answered and stated she was in Ahmedabad. The following day, I arrived in Ahmedabad after boarding a train there. Kavya arrived there to fetch me up. When I first saw Kavya, she had completely transformed, a really fancy car, and I thought she must have gotten so much money from this Kamshak that I was actually Kavya. I was even more shocked to see the house when I got home because I had assumed Kavya's home would just have two or three rooms. However, it was a palace in the house's name. When I arrived at the residence, there were numerous amenities. I dozed off after eating dinner with Kavya. I assumed that what she did in the morning—which is the life of such luxury—was what I should ask for, but whenever in the morning Kavya was not there when I awoke. After approximately 30 minutes of waiting, Kavya arrived, and she dared me to inquire what employment she does to earn so much money.

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She claimed to be the owner of the Kankaria Call Girl Service. She claimed that the escorts service was filthy but that there were no nice family people using it at the time, which I found a little unusual to hear. However, I am now firmly convinced that she was right, and I am determined to prove her wrong. Working gently The main reason I came to work was to look for a buddy like Kapil, who can love me completely, but it has been a while for me. I suggested to Kavya that I should work with myself as well, and she agreed and kept me there. Can you assist me halt this search and, if you do, would you please phone me? The search has not yet come to an end. I'll hold off until you call.

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