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Let's know about Kavya Patel's closest friend Kavya patel's life

Hello Friend I am your dear friend Kavya Gupta and Kavya Patel is my very good friend and I look after Bhadaj office of Kavya Patel's Bhadaj Escorts Agency and I am a very hot and sexy girl. Has been done and I am divorced from my husband, I have come here to befriend you and they say that everything is not friends before friendship Learn about areas to Cheese so that you will walk in my past with me. I have lived in Bhadaj since childhood and have grown up in the same family. Everybody in my family does their business. After completing my studies, the housemates married me and my husband also lives in Delhi and he also has a business and They mostly live outside the city, I live alone at home, some time passed like this, one day the uncle living in the house came in front of us and he asked if any of your rooms are empty. Region's He has come to Ahmedabad to study.

He will stay here for some time. Give him a rent, I say my husband is not at home and I cannot tell anything without him, he said, okay we will do it only after his arrival at night. Talked with my husband, I told that someone had come and wanted to rent a room. My husband said that he came back in 2 days and started talking; I know he is coming, so I was happy for a while but next were instant lost my happiness because.

I knew he is the Business also lived at home and they do not have time for me Because they had been married for 3 years and yet they could not make me a mother, the reason was that they were not interested in romance. We were strangers to each other even when we were in a room. Our nature also did not match each other. I was bold and sexy and trendy and had no idea other than business, as 3 years passed, so these 2 days passed and my husband came home after a while with me. Nine front Uncle phone and called home was a 10-minute doorbell rang, I opened the door was Uncle And a very handsome boy came with him, I kept looking at him and I do not know when I got lost in my thoughts, then the broken husband was saying that you will let Uncle come in or you will keep standing and I left the way and asked to come in. He started talking about making tea inside, there was a big panic in my mind, I could not understand what was happening with me, after some time, when I came out with tea, my hands were trembling and, I gave tea to everyone. My husband asked me about renting the room, so I nodded yes.

Today for the first time I felt something strange in my mind but I do not know what it was

After everything was confirmed, he left, now he had to do spritz after 2 days, I had dinner with my husband at night and went to my room but today I was not sleepy, I kept thinking about what had happened today With this same thinking with me, I do not know when I fell asleep but I did not mind any work, the next day my husband's phone call came and she started preparing to leave, it was the first time that my husband was going And there was no sadness in my mind, I was just thinking about the same boy, even though I do not want to, my mind does not know why he was thinking about that as soon as that day came and suddenly the doorbell rang. He was the only boy who opened the door, had brought his luggage, he asked for the key to the room and I gave the key with trembling hands, he walked into the room with a smiling key and I also closed my room from inside. I have done it for a few days now and I used to say hello to him and sometimes he would talk a little But it was all normal. After some time, my friend request came on my social media and I immediately accepted it.

Now our talk started happening online. One day in the talks, he said that I asked to drink coffee in your hand and I said Come home and drink and he immediately came to my room. I also made coffee and both of us started drinking. All of a sudden my hand touched my hand, I was a little nervous. Mr. my hand trembles engaged so they like to come close to me, we come closer to a requirement that was going to come around So he stopped immediately and said I should go and started getting up but I do not know what happened I grabbed his hand and refused to go, he stopped, I do not know when I took him to my bedroom and pushed him to bed I started kissing her hot lady and she also held me tightly in her arms, my heartbeat was going very fast and the breath was very fast.

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